Hurricane Sandy casts a long shadow

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - For all the disasters Red Cross volunteer Steve Bayer has seen, rarely has so little changed a year later.

"It's unbelievable what's going on in New Jersey," Bayer said.

Sandy's disaster zone is still a tale of two groups.

Some like his son, were able to rebuild.

"He had eighteen inches of water in his whole house," said Bayer, who responds to disasters as a member of the Red Cross communication team.

But during a trip this summer, he still noticed thousands of homeless.

"There are houses that haven't been started yet, because of insurance problems," said Bayer. "You have people who were displaced from high-rises. There are no homes to move into."

Much of the focus now in New York is not just rebuilding people's physical spaces, on rebuilding homes.

The Red Cross says there's much attention being paid to what's inside people's own heads.

"Just picture if you had been out of your home for a year living in either a hotel or a rented room somewhere, you're going to be upset," said Bayer. "We're sending in people that can work with them."

While that might be more important than homes, don't expect a brand new landscape even in another year.

"It's only a year. It's going to take five years to get everything replaced."

Sandy casts a long shadow.

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