Honda Classsic scoring trailer

PALM BEACH LAKES, Fla. - It's a place few ever see, a place shielded from the public eye.

After the 18th hole, golfers sign their scorecards in a tiny trailer, humble in appearance.

John Andrews, a scoring official, has worked this office for 14 years. 

"What's most fun for me is to see a guy win. It's a very emotional high, and sometimes you'll see tears shed.  Sometimes you'll see disbelief," he said.

The walls are plain and bare for a reason.

"We don't want to give them things to tear down or rip up," he said.

Andrews updates scores and makes sure players don't make disqualifying mistakes. He sees players at their highest and lowest points.

"A couple players that have almost gotten into a fist fight in the scoring trailer before so it can get a little dicey in here at moments," explained professional golfer Johnson Wagner.

The passion and pressure erupt in the tiny space, just feet away from the public eye.

"I've seen a lot of crazy things in the scoring trailer, guys breaking clubs, dropping some pretty foul language but it's always good coming in here from a good round, seeing a friendly face," Wagner said.

Andrews is a former professional golfer himself. He is part scoring official, part therapist, part bomb control.  

"Unless they scream really loud, it's not something that will be heard by the general public. And it's a place that we encourage them, if they need to vent, they need to vent in here," Andrews said.

The true exchange is kept entirely private.

"There are some stories that come out of here that need to stay in here," he said.


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