Home Safety Academy sees more realtors taking gun, safety courses

Tip: Be in constant contact with home office

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Ruth Jacobs day job is selling homes, knowing how to handle a gun has become an important hobby for her.

She's been showing homes for 37 years, but it wasn't until a colleague was threatened she realized she could be a target.

"We saw that women were vulnerable if they were showing a home alone to men they weren't familiar with," said Jacobs.

Many of the classes at Home Safety Academy in West Palm Beach are made up of realtors like Jacobs who often encounter the unknown.

"Unfortunately in many cases that realtor is alone and could be at risk," said David D'Eugenio, who runs the training.

D'Eugenio offers students easy options to stay safe by making others aware. He suggests texting the main office regularly so someone knows where you are, and snap a picture of the person you are showing the home to if they're making you uncomfortable.

If that's not enough, carrying a concealed weapon with a permit is an option.

"It's an option and a number of us are prepared," said Jacobs.

Jacobs supports that option but hopes it's one she never has to use.

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