Historic Powerball jackpot winnings easy to blow through in luxurious Palm Beach County, Florida

$400 million could by someone a house, yachts

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - The numbers for one of the biggest jackpots in U.S. history  were called on Wednesday night with the Powerball winnings topping $400 million.

Printed on a cheap piece of paper, just a few numbers and a whole lot of luck separate people from becoming on the biggest winners alive.

"Well (a car) is an absolute must. When you win the lottery, that's the first thing you're going to do," said Ed Shepherd at Braman Rolls Royce in West Palm Beach.

Shepherd said he has sold quite a few Rolls Royces over the years to Powerball winners. Shepherd said buying a luxury car is a good one for someone to immerse themselves into the lifestyle of a multi-millionaire.

"With the jackpot at $400 million, someone could buy 800 Rolls Royce Phantoms if they won.

They could also buy into a different sort of transportation, one to sail the seven seas.

Shannon McCoy at Worth Avenue Yachts said yachts are not just something to buy, they are a lifestyle.

From upkeep to maintenance and crew, someone will need that winning ticket to get into the water style of living.

Averaging around $50 million, someone could buy 8 super yachts if they won the Powerball on Wednesday.

"Some people call it their floating mansion, some call it their castle. A lot of our clients call it their second home," said McCoy.    

Homes are also an easy way to blow through lottery winnings.

"Just a stone's throw from here, there's a $10 million condo that over looks the Intracoastal ocean views," said Mike Fallon of McWilliams Ballard Real Estate.

Fallon said with some homes in Palm Beach County nearing $100 million, the area is a perfect location to blow through money if someone hits it big.

"Just being so close to an international airport, you know you got paradise right outside your door," said Fallon.

Odds of winning the Powerball on Wednesday were one in 175 million.

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