Hispanic community is growing

Hispanic Chamber helps growing Hispanic community

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Billboards in Spanish are at various intersections in West Palm Beach.

It's a sign the growing Hispanic Latin community. Business owner Jorge Goyanes has noticed the increase. "Well when E started here in Lake Worth in 1983 maybe 10 percent of my customers were Latin or Hispanic. Now it's well over 50 percent," he said.

Andre Verona with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Palm Beach County knows the numbers. 

"We have a hard statistic from the U.S. census in 2011 for the 10 years prior, the Hispanic community grew by 78 percent," Verona said.
Verona says it's part of a migration from the South. "A lot of the Latinos from Miami and Broward County are moving up here they are migrating because it's getting so crowded and also a lot of Latin Americans that were typically moving to Miami are coming here because there are better opportunities. Real estate wise, business wise, etc."

The Chamber now is spending more time helping new residents start their companies. "One of the programs we created was the small business seminar series. We work with Score and Small Business Development Center to bring programs to business members and help them start a business or if they have an existing business to grow and sustain them, " Verona said.

Here's an indication of just how fast the Hispanic Latin population has grown. The Chamber says in 2000, 19 percent of the population in Palm Beach County was Hispanic. Now it's about 25 percent.