Inlet Grove High School football game cancelled over threat

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A rare football move for the Palm Beach County School District.

A high school football game, postponed tonight over a threat of violence.

Inlet Grove High was supposed to be hosting Kings Academy at their field in Riviera Beach.

Joshua Wilson, a Dwyer High School sophomore wide receiver, was disappointed that the postponement was necessary, given how much football means to him.

"It means a lot because I am a part of something," said Joshua.

Principal Emma Banks told us a player was threatened to be attacked during tonight's game by another district student.

Wilson's mother, Kimberly Wagner, agreed with the decision to postpone the game till Monday.

"There's no reason to be having a football game and you have to be worrying that someone is going to start shooting or a fight is going to break out."

At schools where games went on as-scheduled, people in charge say security is always a priority.

In fact, school staffers often keep tabs of student social networking sites and adjust the number of police officers on hand based on the size of the crowd.

"Two weeks ago we had Miami-Central and there weren't other games being played that night. We were expecting 3,000 (fans), that's what we got and we were ready for that," said Tom Pagley,  the athletic director at Dwyer High School.

At Dwyer High, field gates were guarded by the ROTC, police kept watch, and staffers were on walkies.

"We take all the things seriously that people are talking about, things that could happen at the game," said Pagley. "You can't totally not have games. You do the best you can to keep it secure."

Despite all the precautions, Kimberly Wagner says a cancelled game is a sad signal that safety can't be guaranteed, on the football field, or off it.

"I'm trying to figure out what to do with my son? Should I be taking him back and forth to school?," said Kimberly.

The principal would not specify whether a weapon was part of the threat received.

The game is being postponed till Monday.

It will also be held at King's Academy, not at Inlet Grove.

The principal says the case has been passed along to the Palm Beach County School District police.

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