Helping the homeless on Thanksgiving Day

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Seven year old Gracie Rodriguez will volunteer for the first time this Thanksgiving and feed the homeless. Her brother Nick Rodriguez took her to the Phillip D. Lewis center, where he plans to serve up turkey dinners to more than fifty homeless residents. Nick said giving back to the community is a lesson he wants his baby sister to learn early.

"It's cool because it's like, people that you never met before and it's crazy because they each have their own individual lives and we're taking time out of our lives to come and help them and it feels good to get out there and make them feel like they have a home, " said Nick.

The center has serviced more than two thousand people since they opened in July. It's a one stop shop where people can come to get shelter, food, education and job services.

Marcus Brown has been homeless and out of work for about a month.  He said he doesn't know where he'd be without the help from the center.

"I heard about this place through a friend and they kind of took me in, gave me shoes, clothes and everything, " said Brown.

Brown said he's also thankful for the hot plate he received on Thanksgiving. This is a time he usually spends with his family, but is blessed to be there.

"I do have family around and I do plan to go visit them, but just knowing that there's people out here to help you and that are willing to give a helping hand and feed you and stuff, you know it makes me feel good. Makes me want to do better and not go the wrong way, " he said.



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