Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies helps families in need of diapers

Nicola Labrador of Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies says her office is always stocked with essentials to help families in need.

"We probably have about 10 or 12 walk-ins a week, just for diapers," said Labrador.

Food, clothes, diapers. It can all add up.

"One box of diapers cost 50 dollars, and when you have a small child you are looking at 10 diapers a day, so try to imagine what that feels like when you don't have enough to feed your family," said Labrador.

Nicola says sometimes the desperation becomes to great.

"They can't pay their light bill, they can't go to the grocery store and buy food like we buy food, they just don't have the money for it," said Labrador.

But organizations like Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies are here to help.

Located throughout Palm Beach County, the organization provides families the essentials. For free.

Cabinets full, families can come to the office or have supplies delivered right to their house.

"You just sign a piece of paper, put the size of the diaper you need, you sign your name and your good, and you can come back once a month if you need too," said Labrador.

It's unclear whether what the motive was behind this alleged theft. But if the man truly is in need of help for his family, Nicola wants him to know there is help.  

"Theres no reason to struggle like that, we have a lot of people in the same situation and they are not by themselves, there's people waiting to help," said Labrador.