Health insurance carriers drop patients: Letters are alerting people to their health care status

Patients may need to choose new plan, new doctor

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Letters are arriving in the mail alerting people they or their doctors are being dropped by their insurance company.

This comes as many policies don't meet guidelines set by the Affordable Care Act. 

Susan Herring was shocked to hear her physician was dropped by her insurance.

"I didn't know I'd lose my plan and have to choose another. It made me mad," said the 55-year-old mother of two.

Susan had two choices, find another doctor, or find another insurance provider her doctor is covered under. After 20 years with the same physician, she wasn't about to start over.

"He knows me and how to help me. I have a lot of back issues," said Herring.

Susan's doctor is looking at the alternatives for her because he wants to keep her as a patient. Health navigators say if you receive such a letter, don't wait to find insurance.

"The scary thing is with the website not fully up to speed, the current plans are canceled January first. That will leave a small window to get on," said John Foley with Legal Aid.

Anyone who isn't signed up by December 15th could see a gap in coverage.

"I hope it won't cost a lot of money, I don't know, I'm nervous," said Herring.

Susan has an appointment next week to find out just how much more a new plan could cost her.

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