HB1097: Teachers to carry guns in schools bill passed House Judiciary Committee 11-7

Efforts for Florida teachers to bring guns in the classroom is moving forward in the legislature. 

House Judiciary committee members voted 11-7 to pass HB1097.
If the 21 page bill passes, designated teachers could arm themselves with a gun. 
The proposal would allow principals to designate one or several school employees to carry concealed weapons on campus at all times. 
The person would have to complete 40 hours of classroom training and would have to undergo firearm training each year. 
Many school boards and administrators are opposed to the bill.
They believe it sends the wrong message to the students and fear the worst could happen with a gun on campus. 
Sponsors of the bill said teachers should have the right and a fair chance to defend their schools if there's a threat. 
Principals could also decline having guns on a campus. 
The senate has a similar bill that was introduced last month. 
If either bill passes, they could go in effect in July.