Haze persists in Palm Beach County as West Broward County fire burns to 19,500 acres

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A smoky haze over Palm Beach County improved throughout Monday as a wildfire in West Broward County continued to burn.

According to forestry officials, the fire burned 19,500 acres in the Everglades.

Golfers at Osprey Point in suburban Boca Raton say they noticed the smoke on the course Monday morning.

"On the first tee we couldn't even see the gentleman in front of us," said golfer Donald Goldstein.

Fog was also in the area which only worsened the visibility.

"I could smell it. It wasn't like a choking burning but you could definitely smell it in the air," golfer Arthur Iselin said.

According to the Palm Beach County Health Department, the county is in the moderate range for smoke and it is expected to linger for the next day or so.

"If you feel something...breathing issues, stuffiness, eye irritation, then you might want to take a break from what you are doing and go inside," Tim O'Connor with the Palm Beach County Health Dept. said.

Smoke conditions were even worse in Broward and Miami Dade County.