Hannah Huntoon, girl hurt 'car surfing,' still fighting for her life

 The 16-year-old Palm Beach Gardens girl who severely hurt her head as a result of "car surfing" continues to fight for her life.

Hannah Huntoon fell off the back of a moving vehicle on April 26 and on Monday, her mother Constance Huntoon spoke out about the accident for the first time.

"She's my baby girl and I miss her. Man, I miss her," said Constance.

In the days since Hannah fell off the back of a car and hit her head, she has yet to get out of her bed, speak or open her eyes.

"She's not at the hospital kicking back. She is fighting for her life. She's not breathing on her own," said Constance.

Every day is a battle for the Huntoon family, but they remain by Hannah's side.

Constance Huntoon hopes others who learn of the accident see the dangers of "car surfing and maybe it will save a life.

"It happens in a split second. A stupid thought, a stupid choice and Hannah has a great head on her shoulders," said Constance.

The Huntoons have not heard much about the investigation other than that charges are pending.

As for the other kids involved and the driver, Constance Huntoon admits they came into her mind the other night while Hannah was shaking from medication withdraws.

"I thought about them, then. They can't see the pain and the suffering that our family is going through. Hannah hasn't opened her eyes, Hannah hasn't talked," she said.

The Huntoon family has support and faith. "We just pray that, I can see her eyes open and get a 'hi mommy' and that's what we hope for next."

A "Dance of Hannah" benefit has been schedule for Saturday at the Palm Beach Gardens High School from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Anyone who wants to donate to help offset medical costs should contact Keller Williams office in Jupiter.

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