Gusty offshore winds rip through Palm Beach County

Reports of gusts up to 50 MPH

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Strong winds could be felt throughout Palm Beach County on Tuesday with reports of gusts topping 40-to-50 miles per hour.

The offshore winds could be seen creating waves on Clear Lake, bending the tops of palm trees and shaking the traffic lights near Australian Avenue and Banyan Boulevard.

There were no reports of damage but some calls of lights flickering in certain pockets of the county.

Wind speeds average 20-to-30 miles per hour in the direction of south and southeast.

The county said the winds were expected to impact beach erosion given the direction it was moving. Even if there was damage, the county said it could not do anything about it until turtle nesting season ends November 1st.

The winds are expected to stay gusty through Thursday with quick, isolated rains through the rest of the week.

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