Ground breaking of new private aviation terminal at PBIA

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - At Palm Beach International Airport, the booming of jet engines fill the air, along with the booming of business. The private general aviation business.

Net Jets broke ground today on a new terminal facility to be constructed at PBIA.

"Net Jets in Palm Beach is the largest private aviation customer. They have close to 10,000 flights a year, which is significant, with over 30,000 passengers," Maria Sastre, the chief operating officer of Signature Flight Support said.

The 10,000 square foot terminal on PBIA's west end will help bring people who fly in private jets to and from the Palm Beaches.

"This is one industry that is showing some good solid growth in our economy." Sastre continues, "The general aviation/private aircraft industry contributes about 350 million dollars to this local economy in Palm Beach County. It's a critical industry. And so this project between signature and Net Jets affords the industry the ability to expand."

And the expansion also means new jobs.

"As they are building this project, there are new construction jobs, there will be maintenance jobs, there will be technician jobs, you know, pilots, it's a great stimulus for economic development." Paulette Burdick , the County Commissioner of District 2 said.

And for some future aviators, they are banking their future careers on it

Destiny Andrews is a junior at Boynton Aerospace Science Academy.  "I've always wanted to get into aviation and I've always wanted to work in aerospace engineering. The fact that the private sector for commercialization has opened up so much means a lot for our jobs," he says.

 The new facility is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

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