'Graphic' political advertisement pulled from airwaves

WPTV NewsChannel 5 pulled ad from airwaves

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - "I'm Randall Terry and I approve this message," is the opening line of an advertisement from Terry, who is running for both president and U.S. Congress in the 23rd District in South Florida. 

His latest political television ad attacks President Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood, among others. It contains both graphic language and graphic images.

"You jump a lot," said Albert Cuff of West Palm Beach when he saw the ad in its entirety. "That's nothing for anyone to be seeing on television."

Images of aborted fetuses, dead bodies hanging from trees and burning crosses deemed too graphic for TV. 

The ad was scheduled to start running on WPTV in the early morning hours of Thursday, but station management and company lawyers pulled the plug.

"We were told by our attorneys that we are not obligated to run this commercial," said Lloyd Bucher, WPTV Station Manager.

Many WPTV viewers agreed with the decision. "I'm totally taken aback by it," said Kaitlyn Lawrence of Wellington. "It's disgusting."

Why is Randall Terry, a virtually unknown candidate, allowed to air commercials like this on TV? 

Federal law gives congressional candidates considerable leeway when it comes to the content of ads. In his race for U.S. Congress and the presidency, his extreme anti-abortion views are getting attention.

"He's trying to get a lot of attention, but he's asking for the wrong attention," said Cuff.

No comments from Planned Parenthood, the Obama administration or from Randall Terry himself were immediately available.

For a link to Randall Terry's campaign website to see the advertisement in full, click here .

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