Grandmother of 4-year-old drive-by shooting victim saw bullet hit girl

Krystal Black remains hospitalized

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - It is a moment that West Palm Beach grandmother Patrice Walker won't ever,and can't ever, forget.  Walker remembers the sound of gunfire hitting her Windsor Avenue home. She also remembers the sight of a bullet hitting her four-year-old granddaughter, Krystal Black.

"I saw that bullet hit her in the face," said Walker, who says she was with her husband, Johnnie, and two of their granddaughters sitting down to watch Sesame Street when they heard commotion outside.

"Johnnie said 'Y'all get down,' " said Walker. "And he reaches to grab them, and then I see the bullet, going into little Krystal, hit her in the face."

Krystal's grandfather says neither he or the little girl knew she had been hit.

"I thought it was just the glass fragments in her face but it wasn't," said Johnnie Walker, outside St. Mary's Medical Center. "She got hit in the jaw."

Investigators say Krystal was the unintended victim of a drive-by shooting by two men in a gray Chevy Impala. 

Police say a confrontation that began in a park across the street carried over toward the family's home, with gunfire following. 

Krystal's family says one bullet came through a window into the young girl's jaw and out through her lip. "He raised up and he said 'Oh my God, dial 911,' " said Mrs. Walker.

Krystal, her grandparents say, had teeth knocked out and several cuts on her face. That, this grandmother says, has changed her family forever. 

Krystal remains hospitalized after undergoing two surgeries on Thursday. There is hope that she will fully recover.

Investigators need the public's help in tracking down the men who fled the scene.

Call West Palm Beach police with any information.

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