John Goodman juror refutes misconduct allegations by Goodman's attorneys

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Polo mogul and millionaire John Goodman was convicted by a group of his peers of DUI manslaughter back in March.

But on Monday, Goodman's attorneys lashed out at the very jurors who found Goodman guilty in the death of Scott Wilson.

In a court filing obtained by WPTV NewsChannel 5, Goodman's lawyers ask for a new trial -- or for Goodman to vacate his conviction because of alleged jury misconduct.

"I just think he's just trying to make something up," said Dennis DeMartin, juror six in the Goodman trial.

DeMartin said what the court document allege is false.

Black wrote juror disobeyed their oaths to not discuss the evidence of the trial until after it was over.

The document also detail that jurors allegedly made derogatory comments about Goodman's wealth and jurors disobeyed the courts instructions to not view media reports about the case.

All the allegations mostly coming from an account told by an alternate juror, juror number eight.

"I feel not betrayed because I don't feel like I did anything wrong," said DeMartin.

Juror eight specifically pointed out DeMartin.

She alleged DeMartin made false statements about a hand gesture, one DeMartin said was in referance to finding a missing button.

Juror eight also said DeMartin began to write a book about the case during the trial.

"No, I told them about the other book I was writing and I told them about the notes I was making. I didn't start the book," said DeMartin.

DeMartin said he was in the middle of writing a different book, "The Trials and Tribulations of a Senior Citizen Trying to get a Date Without a Car."

He admits he spoke about that book, but not the book he is trying to write now about his trial experience.

DeMartin pondered if his behaviors will affect the trial, like his habit of logging notes everyday.

"Then I ruined it, but they didn't tell me I couldn't," said DeMartin.

DeMartin said he is an honest man and will not sway away from anything he did during the Goodman trial.

"Everything I told you is what I got to try to explain to them I don't see how I did anything that was not correct," said DeMartin.

An attempt was made to reach out to Juror eight on Monday night to get her side of the allegations. A relative told WPTV NewsChannel 5 she was out of town visiting family and did not want to speak out right now.

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