Gas prices could go up again

SUBURBAN WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - While gas prices have been decreasing in recent times, AAA spokesperson Jessica Brady says they could be on the rise again soon.

Currently, South Florida's prices for a gallon of regular average $3.76, about ten cents higher than the national average.  A year ago, the entire country saw prices near the $4 mark. 

AAA expects retail gas prices will dip slightly, then increase through the month of April.  Prices are not expected to surpass $4 a gallon.

Fred Grisby says it is tough to see prices rise.

"It hurts my pocketbook because I work 25 minutes away from where I live, so it goes up, my pockets get shorter, when it goes down it's better," he said.

The reason, AAA reports, is multi-layered. Fuel demand has risen since December, GDP rose more than recently forecast and an Exxon Mobil pipeline named Pegasus, which transports about 90,000 barrels a day to refineries was shut down.

Kim Portilla drives a large SUV which she says she has to fill up once or twice a week.

"Yeah, you're a little more conscious about how often you go out and use your car," she said.

AAA expects prices to drop and stabilize during the peak summer travel months.


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