From local law enforcement to metal detectors, stores are looking out for shoplifters

Stores beef up security during holidays

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Santa may see you when you're sleeping but these cameras see you while you shop.

"It's really incredible actually," says Andre Azam, sales manager at BrandsMart.

With thousands of people coming through the doors of mega stores like BrandsMart, retailers are beefing up security. Employees inside a security control room monitor dozens of cameras throughout the store that show literally everything.

"Everything, every register, if salespeople are writing tickets," said Azam.

It may look chaotic but this store is a well-oiled machine. Metal detectors, employees trained in crowd control and police looking for signs of shoplifting.

"Backpacks, bagging clothing," said Azam.

NewsChannel 5 asked shoppers what they would do when faced with a real-life Grinch.

"Walk away," said one holiday shopper.

"If I see an employee I'd say hey, that guy just stole something," said another shopper in the store.

Some products have an obvious sensor, others look like you can just slip it in your bag, but these cameras have a 360 degree view that can zoom right into your purse.

"They check your receipts, a little more in depth this year than last year," said another BrandsMart shopper.

"They're watching out for your car in the parking lot," said shopper James Mare.

BrandsMart says they haven't had any issues with shoplifting so far this year.


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