Forum Club of Palm Beaches hosts Stand Your Ground panel discussion

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Florida's controversial "Stand Your Ground Law" took center stage before the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches Thursday.

Michael Williams moderated the seven person panel before some 600 guests, including lawmakers, law enforcement, Palm Beach County's top prosecutor and judge Krista Marx.

The Trayvon Martin case put the law under the spotlight and there was debate about whether racial bias plays a role.

Also, all sides seemed to concede the law -- at minimum -- needs tweaking, amidst reports that career criminals are using it as an excuse for violence, when the law is intended to allow the law abiding to protect themselves.

"We want people now when they discuss Stand Your Ground to be able to articulate what it actually is all about," said Gayle Pallesen.

Lawmakers will review "Stand Your Ground" beginning this fall.

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