For some, George Zimmerman charges don't bring closure

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Leaders of Delray Beach's Southwest Neighborhood Association gathered around a TV to watch the special prosecutor's announcement.

To Chuck Ridley, the decision to file charges affirms that the cries for justice at rallies like this one in West Palm Beach two weeks ago, left law enforcement no choice to take a closer look.

"I'm not saying justice as a result of the laws working for our children, I'm saying justice in terms of the community outcry," said Ridley.

At a weekly bible study group for teens in at St. John's memorial Baptist Church Boynton Beach, Kyle Holder's opened class with words about the charges against George Zimmerman.

"You were good kids before this happened, you will be good kids on the other side of it," said Holder.

16-year-old Jonathan Berry says the nearly two months of time between Martin's death and charges being filed exacerbates feelings of anxiety he now feels every time he walks outside.

"I really needed to pay attention more to where I'm walking, who I am around and who else is around me," said Berry.

That's why for some, the charges aren't bringing closure. Zimmerman will have a trial. But 15-year-old Chelsea Maloney says that doesn't make up for the damage done to her generation, or to Trayvon Martin.

"A man sitting in prison is not equal to an innocent boy sitting in the graveyard," said Maloney.

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