Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigators swam West Palm Beach wellness clinic

No arrests have been made

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Investigators raided a pain management clinic Thursday morning, seizing records and computer hard drives from the building.

About a dozen investigators, some undercover, swarmed the A1A Health and Wellness Clinic, which is located on the corner of 29th St. and Broadway in West Palm Beach.

No one has been arrested, but the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is executing search warrants at four locations, including the home of one of the doctors, Dr. John Christensen.

The FDLE will not say what kind of pain medicine may be prescribed at the clinic.

Mike Driscoll, Resident Agent in charge for the FDLE, says that Dr. John Christensen is a licensed chiropractor, as well as MD. He went on to say that, effective today, the Florida Department of Health has suspended both of Christensen's licenses.

Dr. Christensen's name appears on the building. The FDLE says the other doctor, whose name appears on the front of the clinic, is not being investigated.

Christensen has not been arrested or charged with anything. The FDLE says this is an ongoing investigation.

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