Florida charter schools: Legislative bill would foster growth

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - State lawmakers are looking over a bill to give parents more options of where to send their kids to school.

The bill aims to make it easier for charter schools to open in Florida.

It would allow high-performing, out-of-state schools an easier path to setting up shop and would require school districts to make underused buildings and classrooms available for lease.

Lawmakers have until the end of the legislative session in May to pass legislation.

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According to the Palm Beach Post, charter schools are in high demand in Palm Beach County.

The amount of students leaving traditional public schools for charter schools are expected to triple next year. The Post also says one in 10 Palm Beach County students will go to a charter school next year.

Thirty-one charter schools are planning to open next school year, in addition to 48 charter schools already open in the county.

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