Lanes are limited on Flagler Memorial Bridge indefinitely

Engineers don't know what caused bridge to settle

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Getting across the Flagler Memorial Bridge isn't getting any easier any time soon. In fact, the Florida Department of Transportation confirmed today - it doesn't know for sure what caused the bridge to settle.

"We don't know at the moment what the cause is, once they identify it, it will open up discussion for potential solutions," says Ivette Ruiz-Paz, Spokesperson for FDOT.

Without a solution - there's no fix. One lane of traffic will remain closed in each direction until further notice.

"It is going to be like this at the moment, for an indefinite amount of time," says Ruiz-Paz.

Contractors say when part of the bridge settled, it knocked its locks out of alignment. In the meantime, drilling on the foundation for the new bridge is suspended. Engineers don't know if that drilling is part of the problem.

Trucks weighing more than five tons are prohibited from crossing the bridge. Police had to remind multiple drivers to find another route.

FDOT assures it's safe for cars to cross, but without a solution, the slowdowns will persist.

"Without the results of the evaluations we can't determine a possible solution at this time," says Ruiz-Paz.

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