Fiscal cliff could affect federal unemployment benefits

More than 100,000 in Florida could be affected

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - More than two million people across the country and 100,000 people in Florida are anxiously waiting to see if they'll officially lose their federal emergency unemployment compensation if Congress fails to reach an agreement.

It would affect people like Marlene Johnston.  She's been out of a job for more than a year and relies on the benefits to get by. 

"I've always been able to find work immediately and I haven't been able to," said Johnston.  "It's barely enough to pay the house payment let alone the bills," she said.

Angela Williams doesn't have a house, she's homeless and hasn't had a job since August.  She has been filling out more than a dozen online resumes a week.

"It's scary because you're still looking for work, you know you need the funds to help drive to these appointments to go to interviews," she said.

In Florida, families get up to 275 dollars a week.

"It's very, very, very vital," said Williams.

Members of the Workforce Alliance have been getting the calls and the concerns since the last unemployment checks went out over the weekend.

The office in West Palm Beach alone hash helped more than 7,000 people with emergency benefits over the past few months while trying to help them find jobs.

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