Caroline Tire, family owned tire shop, burns overnight

Crews battle fire at Caroline Tire

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - A family business is a complete loss after a fire erupts inside and spreads, gutting the entire structure.

Just before midnight, fire crews arrived at Caroline Tire, just north of Okeechobee Boulevard on Indian Road, only to find a fire that was quickly growing.

For five hours, about 70 firefighters from all different agencies fought the fire with water and foam to try to get control of it.

Onlookers who came by the scene earlier looked stunned that the business that's been in this community since the 1980s had burned.

Firefighters said it's a complete loss, as the roof has collapsed and many of the walls have burned down.

Tires, cars and more were found inside charred, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue said.

They haven't yet determined what caused the fire, but did say the tires and cars inside have kept fueling the fire.

It's the prime reason why it's been difficult to put it out firefighters said.

Luckily, no firefighters have been injured and nobody was inside of the structure, but it's a very unfortunate loss for the family who owns the business.

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