Smart Water CSI, fighting crime with water

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - When it felt like break-ins were happening in his neighborhood off Palmetto Park Rd. every other day, resident Connie Conrath only grew more intrigued.

"I can't understand the criminal mind. What makes somebody do the bad things they do?" said Conrath.

As neighbors lost computers, TVs and jewelry to daring burglars off Palmetto Park Road last year, Conrath tried to figure out how to stop them.

He installed an alarm on his own house and tried to start a neighborhood watch.

"We did get some people to keep an eye out and try to catch strange cars,  people wandering through the neighborhood, that sort of thing. It wasn't terribly successful," said Conrath.

Might there be an answer?

Special liquid - called Smart Water CSI - that can be sprayed on valuables or even directly on a criminal during a robbery.

It's non-hazardous, impossible to get off and is visible under a black light.

Fort Lauderdale police introduced their pilot program Thursday.

The company that makes the chemical says you only need a speck, to put a burglar back at the scene of a crime.

It gives Conrath an idea. He's a retired college president who is dabbling in mystery novels.

He's decided to put something like Smart Water CSI in his new book. 

"You like to base your stories on real life stuff, " said Conrath.

A mystery writer, he points out the only catch.

"Of course the problem is finding the person who is carrying the water around with him," he said.

West Palm Beach police say they have heard of SmartWater, but could not say whether they are thinking of using it.

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