FBI agents investigating hazardous chemicals inside home in the Ibis Golf and Country Club

Hazardous chemicals have been detonated

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - UPDATE: The hazardous materials were removed and detonated by law enforcement officials on Sunday, according to Chase Scott, spokesman for the West Palm Beach Police Department. He added that the FBI has taken over the investigation


A West Palm Beach home on Osprey Trace in the Ibis Golf and Country Club is now part of an FBI investigation after hazardous chemical agents were found inside.

Seeing FBI and ATF agents in this affluent West Palm Beach community is not something many of the residents are accustomed to.

"Why would there be such a thing in our community?" said one woman.

"I think something like that coming into our backyard, in my opinion, is a shame," said Christopher Bradley, another resident.

Chopper 5 flew over the scene early Friday afternoon. From the air, no agents could be seen searching the home, only law enforcement vehicles. We are told the chemicals possibly belonged to an 18-year-old.

Agents have not said what they are looking for, but a law enforcement source has confirmed that the chemicals found could be used to make a bomb.

Chase Scott, the public information officer for West Palm Beach, could not confirm or deny those allegations and only said the FBI is conducting a thorough investigation.

"The FBI has a specialist on scene analyzing the materials we're dealing with, and we'll determine where we go from here," said Scott.

Real estate records show the home is owned by Margaret O'Shaughnessy, but it is not known whether she lives there. O'Shaughnessy does not have a criminal record.

Scott says there is no immediate threat to anyone living nearby.

Residents received a memo about the investigation that started more than 24 hours ago, but there is not much known about the situation at this time.

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