Family of slain Dreyfoos School custodian Ted Orama break silence in their quest for answers

Dozens gather to memorialize slain custodians

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - It was the scene of a deadly shooting but on Friday night, the Dreyfoos School of the Arts was home to an emotional tribute of two custodian that lost their lives in June.

Dozens crowded a space just outside of the school, paying tribute to both Christopher Marshall and Ted Orama, who were found shot dead inside a maintenance area.

Among those clutching to memories, Ted Orama's sister Addie Navarro and her husband Felix Navarro.

"No one is prepared for this and it's tragic and the family is reliving it everyday," said Felix Navarro.

Each day Addie and Felix Navarro wake up, they said questions begin to swirl. Their main concern, person of interest and fellow custodian Javier Burgos who remains missing.

"It makes you wonder, sure. Why is this person here working with children," said Felix Navarro.

Addie and Felix Navarro are referring to Burgos' troubled past at the school. There were several altercations with employees which were all documented by head custodian Ted Orama.    

"This is a true nightmare. This never should have happened since he had been having problems with every individual and everybody knew. The county, the school, the principal, the police department. Everybody. How did this get so out of hand," said Addie Navarro.

Documents show administrators and police at the school even knew Burgos had guns and the ability  to conceal them on school grounds.

The Palm Beach County School District released this statement:

"This is still an open case and the District is reviewing the previous reports that you are referring to. Right now, the District is continuing to work with the family members to help them through this difficult time."

Felix and Addie Navarro said they will cling to the memory of Ted Orama.

"This person took his body. He didn't take is memory," said Felix Navarro.

The district said it does plan to have an official memorial for Orama and Marshall at the start of next school year in August.

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