Faithful in Palm Beach County attend mass for the new pope

Several special masses are underway Thursday afternoon to celebrate the election of a new pontiff, Pope Francis.

At St. Ann's Catholic School, students and their parents are attending services.

More than 270-thousand  Catholics in the Diocese of Palm Beach plan to attend masses over the next several days to pray for the newly elected pope.

Early Thursday morning several people attended the 8:30 service at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Palm Beach Gardens.

Many churches or chapels will drape a gold and white bunting over the entrance or display the Vatican flag.

This to symbolize the election of a new pope.

David Stover says he's glad he can include the pope in his prayers now. "Well we always offer to include the pope in our prayers and so when benedict resigned, all of a sudden, there's no pope to pray for, so this will be an addition. It's a standard thing we do."

With dozens of churches in our area, the Diocese of Palm Beach expect more services to be announced today.

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