FAA says metal object that crashed through a Florida home was not from an airplane

Homeowner says impact sounded like a bomb

SUBURBAN WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The Federal Aviation Administration has investigated a suburban West Palm Beach home after a metal object reportedly came crashing through the roof of a home into a bathroom and determined the object is not from an airplane.

The piece of metal that smashed through the home of Bill Hardy is about the size of a brick and weighs nearly 10 pounds.

Hardy said when it made impact, it sounded like an explosion.

"I first you know that a pipe or something had burst, but then I saw that," said Hardy.

Sitting on a bed of cracked tiles was the chunk of metal with what appeared to be bolt holes.

Hardy thinks it dropped in from the sky, however the FAA has ruled that is not the case.

He suspected it might be a part from an airplane or helicopter.

Hardy said luckily no one was in the bathroom at the time of the incident.

"We would have been hurt. I mean, even the dog just laying around in here would have been hurt or killed," said Hardy.

Whatever came crashing into the bathroom, no one seems to know what it is or where the hunk of metal came from.

Hardy said whatever the object is, it has made him think twice about what is flying overhead.

"Objects don't just fall out of the sky for no reason. You know it came from someplace," said Hardy. "Pretty much like every time I come to the bathroom, I'm going to be like, hmmm I hope nothing comes through the roof again."

Hardy said he has left his bathroom scene intact to allow the FAA to fully investigate.

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