Early voters could catch break from candidate 'robo calls'

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Ealry primary voting gets under way across all of Florida on Saturday. The August 14 primary election is more than a week away, but candidates and campaigns are intensifying their tactics right now.

Susan Bucher, Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections, says about 25 percent of all votes are actually cast before Election Day. "It's just a matter of let's get it done," said Bucher. "We usually have a big push of people. They just want to get their voting over with," she said.

That large number of early voters means that candidates for office had to kick their campaigns into high gear to court those absentee and early voters.

Republican State Senate candidate Mike Lameyer is in a primary battle versus Ellyn Bogdanoff in District 34, covering parts of southeastern Palm Beach County and northeastern Broward County. Lameyer said he knows that early voters will be key for him to make it to the general election. "You have to get your endorsements out, your Twitter messages out, your Facebook and your website updates," he said.

Campaign advertisements continue to flood the airwaves and political signs dot most street corners. Those are things that voters will have to deal with through November. But Bucher says there is an incentive to participate in early voting, a temporary reprieve from campaign robo-calls.

"The candidates are picking up the data on a daily basis and they're removing your name," said Bucher. "So the quicker you vote, the quicker those robo-calls go away."

Bucher, who is a candidate, and Lameyer know that any vote,  including the early vote, is worth stumping for. "You really have to gear the campaign towards the early voting people," said Lameyer.

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