Dreyfoos bodies update: Javier E. Burgos identified as a person of interest by police

Ted Orama, Christopher Marshall found dead inside

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The nationwide manhunt is underway for the person police consider a "person of interest" surrounding the two custodians who were found shot dead at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts.

West Palm Beach police said they are looking for Javier Burgos, 53, who is also a janitor at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts.

Police said Burgos is unaccounted for and considered armed and dangerous.

Investigators said Burgos has not been seen since fellow custodians Ted Orama and Christopher Marshall were found dead inside a maintenance room at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts.

Investigators spent Wednesday searching the Suburban West Palm Beach home of Burgos.

""Well I didn't know it was my neighbor so it didn't affect me. But now that I know, it's scary," said Zandra Fox, who lives a few doors down from Burgos.

Fox said she ran into Burgos inside the laundry room and said he seemed nice.

The property manager of where Burgos lives said he has not seen the tenant in days.

"That's a shame. I hope that he is not involved. Shocking, it really is. This is a senior citizen community, we don't like to have any problems here," said Tony Mattera who manages Crosley Villas.

Mattera said Burgos was nice and always paid his rent on time. He said he never got the impression that Burgos was aggressive or violent.

Police said Burgos was last seen driving a 2010 silver Toyota with license plate 284-PRH.
As local and federal authorities search for Burgos, the families of the two custodians who were killed are standing by and waiting for justice.

Chris Marshal, 15, is the son of custodian Christopher Marshall who was one of the custodians found dead on Wednesday.
"Why would this happen. He didn't deserve this to happen to him," said Chris Marshall.

It was just three years ago when Chris Marshal lost his mother, Marta. Now, he has lost his last remaining role model.

"I'm going to remember him for all he's done for us. He gave us a home, took care of us. He raised us," said Chris Marshall.

Chris Marshall said he does not understand how someone like his dad could be part of a double homicide investigation. He said his father was loved by everyone.

"I just don't want this no more. Just give yourself up. That's all I want. Just let justice handle it," said Chris Marshall.

Holding tight to what belonged to his father, Chris Marshall said more importantly he has memories.

"He'd always be saying, 'There will be bad time but there will always be good times to fall on for those bad times.' He always said be strong for everyone. But right now, it's hard to be strong," said Chris Marshall.

Anyone with information surrounding the whereabouts of Burgos should call the police.

PHOTOS: Two bodies found at Dreyfoos School of the Arts (http://bit.ly/11O2UGp)

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