Downtown West Palm Beach speed limit to be lowered


City Commission on Monday adopted a 25 mph speed limit for parts of Flagler Drive, Poinsettia Avenue, Westminster Road and Westminster Place.


The speed limit in parts of downtown West Palm Beach could be lowered.

City commissioners are considering making the speed limit of Flagler Drive 25 mph from the Okeechobee Bridge to the city's northern city limits at 59th Street.

Susan Landeryou agrees with the possible speed limit change because she walks her dog three to four times a day on Flagler Drive.

"People are pretty polite and slow down especially for my dog," she said.

Others disagree with the possible change. Like Jackson Francois, who walks Flagler downtown every day.
"They just want to give everyone tickets," said Francois.
But city leaders say it's all about safety and navigating through recent road projects and waterfront projects.
The measure is expected to be discussed at the commission's Monday evening meeting.
The change could take weeks or months to enact if approved.
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