DNA links suspect Tarimmus Maxwell to Sexual Battery cold case from 1995 in West Palm Beach

A sexual battery that occurred in 1995 has been solved thanks to a match in a DNA database.

The crime took place on April 6, 1995 at 601 15th Street in West Palm Beach when a woman was violently attacked and sexually battered by a black male suspect.

The victim was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital where she was treated for her injuries and a Sexual Battery Evidence Collection Kit was used.

The victim suffered a laceration to her ear and several bruises and abrasions to her face, arms, legs, rib area and shoulder, according to the West Palm Beach police department.

Recently when West Palm Beach Police Department Detectives were researching cold cases in an effort to conduct linkage from recent Sexual Battery arrests, evidence from this case was submitted to the PBSO Serology Lab.

A match was made between evidence in the case and the DNA specimen from offender Tarimmus Maxwell (NOTE: Maxwell also goes by the alias "Terimmus Maxwell).

Members of the US Marshals Task Force were able to apprehend Maxwell on Friday.

He admitted to attempting to rob the victim, striking her and causing her injuries.

Maxwell said the victim's dress rolled up during the struggle and possibly ripped, but denied sexually assaulting her.

Maxwell has been charged with Sexual Battery, a life felony.