Divers getting ready for lobster mini-season

Divers are making sure they have everything they need for lobster mini-season.

For some divers, the mini-season is rewarding and some leave empty handed, but they feel the experience is worth the risk.

Even after diving for more than twenty years, Jeff Nelson still gets a rush for lobster mini-season.

"Instead of having to pay store price for it, I can go out and pick what I want," said Nelson.

Nelson checks and double checks to make sure he has everything he needs, which can add up. 

Permits cost around $20 dollars. Buying dive gear can start at $700 dollars and getting on a chartered boat averages around $65 dollars for a four hour trip.

It's a risky expense.

Steve Gyland with Cod and Capers Seafood said, "Sometimes you make a dive and you don't find a lobster."

Lobster lovers come to the seafood market to get what they need.

A tail could cost you almost $34 dollars a pound, but Gyland says he does miss the days when he used to dive.

"Find them, capture them. It's much more exciting to me than just going into a store and buying it however going into the store and buying it is probably quite a less bit expensive," said Gyland.

But for Nelson, the money is well worth it.

"It's nothing like taking a fresh lobster and putting it on the grill and eating it, yeah, you do taste the difference," said Nelson.