Digital Domain Institute subcontractor not paid for work now seeking more than $70,000

Peter Bourassa has seen Titanic and Tron.
"It was interesting work for sure," he said.
The Canam Electric president thought the Digital Domain movies were innovative. But ever since the film production company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month, the Boynton Beach subcontractor has been disenchanted.
Canam Electric did the electrical installations at  Digital Domain Institute at CityPlace. He says he was never paid the $71,594 from the contractor, and the contractor wasn't paid either.
"So that's a big chunk of money for a small company like us, and it will hurt us very badly financially," said Bourassa, who started Canam almost three decades ago.
Bourassa says the hit is half a year's profit ... way too big a loss to just accept. He sent an email to West Palm city commissioners in mid-September, asking for the funds.
"I think the city of West Palm Beach is responsible. They're the ones that made the deal to bring the school in. They're the ones that advanced the money to Florida State University to do this, and I think ultimately, they should own up," said Bourassa.
But city spokesman Elliot Cohen says the city did not advance Digital Domain any money, and it is not responsible for Bourassa's loss.
"He absolutely deserves to get paid. It's just, he deserves to get paid by the people he had the contract with," said Bourassa.
He also asked Florida State University, a partner in the institute, to pay him. In a statement, the school wrote that it "does not have a contractual relationship or obligation to any of its vendors."
Bourassa appealed to CityPlace, too. He even placed a lien on the building. But CityPlace says Bourassa's loss is not its fault.
A Digital Domain spokeswoman says the company has no comment. Bourassa still has many.
"We completed our portion, and we should be paid for the work," he said.
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