Deep PBC school budget cuts

SUBURBAN WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The Palm Beach County School District budget cuts will be deep next year.

Calling it a bare-bones budget, interim school superintendent Bill Malone say no department was spared in the budget proposal.

As he answered questions Thursday morning from the media, Malone said 500 employees will be immediately affected.

300 of those employees are union members and 200 are interim employees. Contracts for interim workers run out in June.

That group mainly includes school monitors and high school secretaries and clerks.

But the school district wants to keep some of the employees scheduled to be cut.

200 new elementary school teachers need to be hired before next year to deal with larger class sizes.

As a result some of the cut employees will move to the top of the list for those openings.

"It's a horrible situation to have been put in. One of our board members commented yesterday that this is the biggest single year negative impact on school budgets since they started keeping track, I think back in 1973," said superintendent Bill Malone.

With these tough cuts the district says it will have just under a 2 million dollar budget shortfall.

There are ways to meet that as well, including furloughs.

The district budget committee will meet several times over the proposed budget starting Monday.

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