Mother reacts after son goes on a roll (VIDEO)

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - A baseball fan dad is in the doghouse tonight after scrambling for a baseball at a spring training game.

The Mets and Marlins were playing Monday when Derek Shrader decided to take his wife and kids to the game.

A ‘ground rule double to center’ jumped the fence, landing right in front of Shrader’s family.

Instinct set in and Derek ran for the baseball.

“I was screaming babe! Babe! Get the baby!” Corale Shrader said.

Derek’s wife was holding her baby girl and watched as her husband loosened his grip on the wagon carrying their 4 year old son Jordan.

She tried to catch the wagon as it slid down the slope of the hill they were standing on.

“I had my daughter in my arms so I was trying to run down but at the same time it was wet, so I just screamed for my husband.” Corale said.

Derek, did double back just in time, making the most important catch of the day.

He stopped Jordan from slamming into a chain link fence at the bottom of the hill.

“I wanted the ball,” said Derek.

Despite a swarm of social media, Corale said she understands her husband’s explanation.

“He wanted the ball,” Corale said. “He wanted the ball for his son.”

Corale says she’s over it now. Derek is no longer in the dog house. It's a good lesson for moms though. 

Even though little Jordan was never in any great danger, she’s glad she made sure he was wearing his seatbelt in that wagon!

Video for mobile users:

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