Credit union gunman called 911 during shooting unbeknownst to operators

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies who shot and killed an 18-year-old gunman at a suburban West Palm Beach credit union have been cleared.

The State Attorney's Office completed an investigation on the February shooting and determined Chris Thompson, of Palm City, shot at deputies for the sole purpose of "suicide by cop."

Investigators said after being shot 11 times in the parking lot of PBC Credit Union, Thompson said, "thank you" to the deputies who shot him.

During the investigation, the State Attorney's Office also determined that prior to being shot, Thompson made a phone call to 911.
"Something happened at the credit union. There's a guy outside there with a gun," said Chris Thompson in the newly released 911 call he made during the ordeal.
The State Attorney's Office said Thompson made the call while in the parking lot of PBC Credit Union with a .22 caliber rifle in his hands.
"I'm seeing him shoot sometimes in the air but, I don't know, it looks like sometimes he's shooting at cars. It looks like a rifle," said Thompson to a 911 operator.

Thompson would describe the gunman and his actions to 911 operators, while in actuality, he was the person firing the gun.

Thompson's family would reveal to the State Attorney's Office that days before the shooting, Thompson became distraught as a result of his friend dying. His mother told deputies he was a "totally different kid" after the funeral.

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Investigators also said Thompson had told one of his friends on the day of the shooting that he needed to go to the bank and that if he did not, "they" would kill his whole family. Thompson said he owed money to a Spanish man living in Alabama.

At one point in the tape, Thompson told 911 operators he saw deputies arriving. Seconds later in the recording, gunshots can be heard. Once Thompson started firing, deputies fired back in fear for their lives. They would move in to try to arrest Thompson, but investigators said he reached for his gun.

Medical records reveal Thompson was shot 11 times and deputies said after Thompson was shot, he thanked them.

Investigative Producer Lynn Walsh contributed to this story.

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