Couple calls for more security cameras in CityPlace parking garage after car burglary

Police still searching for suspect

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A West Palm Beach husband and wife say their run-in with a car burglar in a CityPlace parking garage should have been caught on security camera - but it was not. The suspect was never caught. Authorities say he ran out of the Gardenia Street parking garage and not even the police K9 unit could track him down.

The victims believe more cameras here could have kept this from happening at all.

"To come back to your car and have somebody in your car is really scary," said Lisa Zahradnik, who saw a late movie at CityPlace on Sunday night.

She and her husband, Joe, returned to their car on the third floor of the parking garage and the alarm system was blaring. They say that someone was inside their vehicle.

"I see my car door get slammed shut, see a shadow and two and half car lengths later, I see someone running," said Mr. Zahradnik.

Police said that a young male suspect had smashed his way through a window, ransacked the car's interior and then fled the scene on foot when the Zahradnik's arrived.

The incident was not recorded on security camera. Police say there were no cameras in that particular portion of the parking structure. CityPlace representatives say the parking structures are equipped with cameras.

Mr. Zahradnik and his pregnant wife say more surveillance measures may be needed.

"My biggest concern was for her and our baby's safety; not to mention my own," he said.

"You go to a place where there is high-end shopping and you have to pay for parking, you want to be safe," said Mrs. Zahradnik.

According to the CityPlace website, the premises is staffed by 24-hour security personnel and that there are cameras throughout the four parking garages.