Condo controversy in West Palm Beach; some residents feel like hostages in their own homes

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - There are few owners left at the Green Terrace Apartments on Georgia Avenue.

Almost half of the condos were purchased by Ken Bailynson who owns Good Decisions Sober Living.

He uses the condos as transitional housing for recovering addicts.

"I'm like a prisoner in my own home... you don't know these people's pasts," neighbor Vickilynn Ciriello said.

Bailynson became the condo association president.

Ciriello says maintenance was raised and units are being assessed close to $1,500 to fix up the property.

"He is raising the assessment so he can better his halfway house and in the interim he doesn't care who he steps on or what he does," Ciriello said.

Bailynson said the association raised fees because the condo development was falling into disrepair and could have even been condemned.

In a statement, Bailynson said: "It is understandable that some homeowners are unhappy that they now have to meet the real cost of living in this community, but after forty years of neglect the free ride has to stop."

Neighbors worry because Bailynson owns almost half of the condos and he has all the control.

"What can he do next? What power does the association have?" Angela Ciriello said.

Bailynson says he is just trying to make up for years of neglect at the development.

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