Concern among voters who received ballots 'printed in error'

PBC elections supervisor reassures voters

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - There is new concern about thousands of Palm Beach County absentee ballots printed in error.  The Supervisor of Elections office is reassuring voters that the ballots can be used. Some people are still worried about being counted on election day.

A new setback for the Palm Beach County elections office. A large number of voters were trying to get through to elections officials about an estimated 60,000 absentee ballots printed in error.

"It was very, very busy here," said Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher.  "We're getting calls for that, e-mails for that, and we were busy already," she said.

Bryan Conklin of West Palm Beach has one of those ballots, which were mailed to voters last week. The ballots, printed by an Arizona-based company, lacked a title to the section pertaining to State Supreme Court and 4th District Court judges.

Conklin recalls the county's election problems of the past; some as recent as March, in Wellington. A recount showed elections office had declared the wrong winners in multiple races. He even harkened back to the 2000 election where the world became familiar with the phrase 'hanging chad'. 

"We're twelve years removed from that, you would think we would have progressed," said Conklin.  "You'd hope, at least."

Now Conklin's absentee ballot may have to be duplicated by a team of three people. They would take his choices from his ballot and transfer them to a new ballot before it can be counted. 

"You have to trust that they will choose the same way you did. I'm not ok with that," he said.

That will take extra staffing and extra time. Bucher said that staffing will be financed by the printing company that made the mistake. She also said that the absentee ballots currently in the hands of voters are still useable.

Voters with affected ballots can complete their ballot and mail it in or they can request a new absentee ballot in-person at their elections office. 

More voter information can be found by clicking here .

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