Colorado school shooting shocks parents, students throughout South Florida about repeat attacks

Parents worry about a deadly incident locally

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - Parents across the country and in South Florida are reacting to the latest school shooting that occurred in Colorado on Friday and are on edge something similar could play out in the classroom of their own child.

As after-school activities wrapped up at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts, news broke of the deadly incident.

"The initial response is, another one? Again?" said  Kerry Gornick, a parents at the Dreyfoos School.

Kerry and James Gornick found out about the shooting from their 14-year-old son Preston while he was still at school.

"That's not a text that you want to get, because he just said shooting," said James Gornick.

The Gornicks said seeing yet another school shooting makes them realize it could happen anywhere and that it could happen at the school their son attends.
"I mean when we go in there everyday, we say, 'I love you.' We don't know everyday if I'm going to see him after the school, he doesn't know if he's going to see me," said Kerry Gornick.

Preston Gornick, a freshman, said the more shootings that happen the more he and his classmates are distracted from learning.
"It's making me feel more unsafe, day by day hearing about all of these incidents going on. So it makes me, kind of worried to go to school," said Preston Gornick.

Kerry Gornick said she does not think a school could realistically put a police officer at every exit or entrance. She does think opening channels of communication to students who are at risk could help.

"There are ways around these feelings that you have other than picking up a weapon and thinking that's going to be a solution," said Kerry Gornick.

As a result of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, the Palm Beach County School District set aside money to hire at least 30 new police aids.

Calls and emails to the district on Friday evening were not returned.

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