Cleanup continues after tire shop fire

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The cleanup process continued Monday for a tire shop that caught fire over the weekend.

The owners of Caroline Tire surveyed the damage Monday afternoon.

The family-owned business is now gutted by a weekend fire.

"The challenge that we're having is that when the roof collapsed on top of all the rubber material, we're having difficulty actually getting the melting, burning rubber," explained Albert Borroto, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue spokesperson.
Fire crews worked four-hour shifts, taking turns dousing what's left of the building with water and watching for hot spots.

Investigators can't figure out what caused the fire, or if arson is a possibility, until they get through the collapsed roof.

"The investigators have not been able to get into the actual structure to do their job because it's still too hot with the burning underneath all the concrete," said Borroto.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, fires involving tires have the potential of producing hazardous compounds including gases, heavy metals and oils.

Many times environmental groups are involved in the clean up.

We contacted the EPA who said this would likely be handled by the state.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection says it has not been asked to respond.

And fire crews told us people nearby shouldn't be concerned.

"That we've been told, no, other than the smell, we've not been told its unsafe and environmentally a hazard," said Borroto.

The owners did not want to speak to the media on Monday. They are still running their business at their Lake Worth location.



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