Claud Devin Joliceur: Family says teen killed in deputy-involved shooting in West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Deputies have yet to release the names of the two young men who were allegedly involved in suspicious activity on the 5000 block of Orchard Way Thursday night.
The investigation into the two men ended with one getting shot by deputies.
Family members said the man killed was 17-year-old Claud Devin Joliceur.
Detectives haven't released the name of the other young man, but say he is 19 years old and in police custody.
Around 5:15 p.m. Thursday, deputies received a call regarding "suspicious activity" that may be linked to narcotics.
When deputies arrived, they found the two young men in a car in the middle of the street. When deputies approached the two, they say one of them tried to run.
Deputies said they spotted a gun on the young man. Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said his deputies lives were at stake, and they had no choice but to open fire on the armed man.
PBSO officials said the gun was loaded at the time.
Deputies arrested the other young man involved. Detectives say the two may be linked to the shooting of retired FHP K-9 Drake from a few weeks ago.
The two deputies who opened fire are on paid administrative leave, which is standard protocal, according to the sheriff's office.
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