Century Village retirees keep up with President Obama's visit to West Palm Beach via social media

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Don't let the demographic fool you. Retirees in the Century Village community are part of a growing trend.

"There's a lot of people in the village on Facebook to contact their children and grandkids," said resident, David Israel.

From social networking to blogging, word of President Obama's visit first spread to residents via the Century Village blog . "Don4060 says: Well, you can't expect to get Tony Orlando in the middle of the summer."

Israel found the comments under the President post quite humorous. Another reads: "Don't bring metal. I said well I have a double hip replacement. So I have to leave my hip joints at home."

David Israel is the man behind the blog. "People who use it love it. Because you can post all kinds of information," said Israel. People in the village use the site for key documents that may be difficult to find on government websites or to find information about happenings at their clubhouse.

The Century Village blog also has details about computer classes and a computer club, which has 500 members, and, for the not-so-sophisticated, there's a section to help them brush up on computer terminology. The first definition on the page is for the word "boot". "To start up your computer. Ha! Some people don't know," Israel laughs while scanning through the definitions.

Click here for live coverage of President Obama's visit to West Palm Beach.

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