Cats found soaked in urine and feces, suffering from burn wounds

Investigators search for suspects

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Warm, clean and fed for the first time in days. Four felines were abandoned in their cages behind the PetsMart on Congress avenue in Lake Park. An employee heard their cries and called police.

"They were all soaking wet, we had to give them baths, the smell was horrific," said Captain Dave Walesky, with Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.

What's worse - they were found sitting in their own feces and urine - to the point it burned them.

"They got these burns from sitting in carriers, their cages, without the urine being cleaned up. They were literally soaked in urine to the point where it burned their flesh," said Capt. Walesky.

A fifth cat was found dead, the cause pneumonia. The other four are recovering and may be adoptable in the next several days.

Now Capt. Walesky and his team are following leads that might reveal who did this.

"It's a mystery how they got there and what led to this, what somebody was thinking," he said.

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