Canal deaths suspect Clem Beauchamp sentenced on weapons charge

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. - The man accused of killing a Delray Beach woman and her two children is going to prison - but not for the murders. That trial is set for December. In an unrelated case, 34-year-old Clem Beauchamp pleaded guilty to possessing a gun silencer and a federal judge sentenced him to 10 years behind bars.

Moments after learning her grandson will spend the next decade in prison, Beauchamp's grandmother defended him against the murder charges he faces.

"Do you think he had anything to do with Felicia Brown's death - or the death of her children?" she was asked. "No, I don't think he did. After hearing testimony today, I don't think he did," says Doris Haney.

Beauchamp is charged with killing Felicia Brown and her two children, Jermaine McNeil, 10, and Ju-Tyra Allen, 6. The children were found stuffed in suitcases in a Delray Beach canal in March. Brown was found at a landfill last year.

Tuesday, Brown's ex-husband Peter Brown testified that Felicia Brown and Beauchamp plotted to kill another woman, but that Felicia wanted to come clean to the police. Peter says she died before that ever happened.

Beauchamp's public defender tried to discredit Peter Brown's testimony in order to get a lesser sentence. It didn't work.

"You would think that if he knew someone was going to be executed, that he would call Agent Dooley immediately, he sat on it for 14 months... instead on the eve of trial he comes forward with this statement," says Robert Berube.

Despite Beauchamp's guilty plea to the weapon's charge, and his sentence in federal court, he still maintains his innocence. He said in front of the judge, "I was never involved in a murder plot, I never murdered anybody."

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