Can a paint make you safer? Test on flame retardant paint

Product being marketed to 'buy' you more time

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - When a fire breaks out, every second counts in the rush to safety. The makers of a new product say they can give you those crucial seconds.

A New Jersey-based company, CeaseFire Technology, is marketing the product, a two-part epoxy called 'CeaseFire Superior'. Employees at the company say that when applied to surfaces, the mixture can provide protection from both heat and flame.

The company says this and its other products are flame retardant and claims they can slow the burning process and 'buy' you more time during a fire. Ray Grimme, a consultant with CeaseFire, spoke to NewsChannel 5 from his office in Washington.

"If a wall catches on fire, it will not spread," said Grimme. "It will not give off noxious gases or black smoke. And, yes, it will prevent a house from burning down," he said.

Fire experts say anything that provides more time during a fire is worth learning about.

"If there is something out there that delays a burn or saves someone's property or saves someone's life, in that case, we want to find out what that product is to use it," said Derrick Daniels, Battalion Chief and Fire Marshal with West Palm Beach Fire Rescue.

Already this kind of product is used on ships in engine rooms for fire protection. Soon, the makers of CeaseFire want it used in homes and businesses and say they are working with several paint companies to make that happen.

"You see complete consumption of the wood on one side and one side actually didn't. It actually just showed that it burned and stayed in one spot which actually gives us time," said Daniels, after seeing the CeaseFire product and typical latex paint come under fire.

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